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Hello! I'm Coyote/Coy/Yote etc. She/They, Ace/Bi. 23. I'm a digital artist from the US who loves to draw animals and ocs. | Commission info:

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Interrogation Time

Ask/Dare my characters anything you want!
i will try and draw a reply if i can aha :'D check out my toyhouse for more images of them! (sorry some have offical refs and some don't ahkl;e, and im also still working on written refs for all of them)
quick summary
Harold/Howie (he/him): A friendly starfish headed alien. Coyoots best friend.
Coyoot (she/her): Coyote from space, Harold's best friend, less friendly more snarly.
Melvin (he/him): Friendly but shy silly magician, has many secrets (including that he is actually magical andhiscrushonstevie). Will perform magic trick for you if you ask. Knows and is friends with Harold and Coyoot, they drag him on adventures sometimes.

Stevie (she/her): Intimidating though she does not mean to be. Very friendly and supportive but not very talkative about herself and her personal life. She has swords, professional fencer. Possibly works at a museum? She is Melvin's neighbor but does not know Coyoot and Harold exist.